Geography of Home

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Geography of Home – a 6’ x 9’map painting of the Twin Cities  made out of the words and languages of the people who live there.  The map tells stories in Somali, English, Russian, Hmong, Tibetan, Cambodian,  Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, and 20 other languages about what it’s like to live in the Twin Cities.  Writings by city residents are collaged and painted into the boundaries of map on a three-part canvas.  The map is accompanied by a book of the complete writings by residents with English translations.  (Supported by a 2004 MN State Arts Board Grant)         Read more


Excerpts from Geography of Home -
At the same time I learned to write English I also learned to write Hmong.  If we have the heart to learn, we can learn.  But if you keep putting yourself down and ...         Read more

When I arrived in Minneapolis in 1987 from New York, one of my first questions was “Where are all of the Black folks?” ...           Read more



A major new painting that visualizes the stories of dozens of immigrants to the Twin Cities”

Weisman Museum of Art Newsletter, Winter, 2006.




  “The more I looked at the piece the more I realized it’s pretty much what the inside of my brain looks like.  It’s about the City of Waters, the many cultures, speaking 100 languages, reweaving….but I find it to be at our best what we are trying to do as we go about our jobs in the Mayor’s office….somehow weave together all these seemingly disconnected pieces of nature and culture into a single people and place.”

RT Rybak, Mayor of Minneapolis,   June 2007.



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