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Public artist and community builder Susan Armington has a history of bringing diverse people together for deep talk.  In her 15 years of teaching English to people from all over the world, and nearly 10 years of activating school and community groups through art, she has found powerful ways to bring differences together.

The result is Global Backyard™  -  a unique environment for deep talk that makes it possible for people to connect across divides of language, culture, and expectation, and to communicate what matters to them most.

Global Backyard™ integrates modes of communication – visual, nonverbal, and multilingual – into a single flow.  It focuses around a core question or issue – for instance, immigration, personal loss, racism, safety, or simply what is precious – and invites people to reflect on their own relevant personal experiences.  Guided by Susan Armington, participants create simple objects to embody their stories, and then, one by one, they share them with the group.  As the stories layer upon each other the conversation builds – and depth and understanding grow.  In a short time, talk goes straight to the heart.

Experiential workshops and retreats:

Teambuilding   Community Building  Creative problem-solving

 Story-catching   Legacy   Vision-building  Brainstorming

           Issue-based Discussion


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